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Direct mail is your most powerful fundraising tool, even in our increasingly digital world.

The way to your donors’ hearts is through their mailbox.

Nothing captures your donors’ attention—and stirs their generosity—more than a good old-fashioned letter. A compelling story makes a compelling case for generous giving.

But letters aren’t the only way to share your organization’s impact. Sounds magical, right?

Reaching donors online can turbocharge the effectiveness of your appeals. The combined forces of direct mail and online contact will take your fundraising to the next level. 

How can you use physical and digital outreach to build deeper donor relationships? Download this infographic to find out.

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About American Philanthropic

American Philanthropic exists to promote the art of civil association by helping philanthropists, charitable foundations, and nonprofit organizations grow and flourish through practical guidance, strategic analysis, and no-nonsense consultation. 

Rather than peddling secret methods or promising fast results, American Philanthropic focuses on what matters—doing the right things, the right way, consistently over time.